As I was strolling on the web, looking for something interesting to read, I found some very interesting articles on how Aloe Vera and Bee Hive products can improve the immune system, helps with arthritis of our animals.

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Forever Freedom

To make a quick summary, one article talks about how the mucilage of the aloe vera can be benefit for your pet because of its effects on the immune system:

• Immunomodulating properties that boost the level of antibodies and brings back the immunity to normal
• Antiviral effect particularly against tumor-producing viruses such as feline leukaemia
• Reduction in secondary infections
• Increases the activity of T-Lymphocytes
• Increases the activity of large white blood cells known as macrophages leading to the removal of micro-organisms as well as increased wound healing

It also discussed about natural antibiotics like Bee Propolis which is a remarkable anti-viral, anti-parasitic with stimulating benefits for the immune system and Echinacea which clinical studies have demonstrated how it supports the immune system and helps animals deal with infections of the respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems.

Concerning the arthritis article, it states that a number of natural products have been used for many years to supplement traditional veterinary medication and treatments. Some of the most beneficial are :

Glucosamine – Often referred to as proteoglycans being made up of amino acids and sugars. Glucosamine is the building block for glycoaminoglycan, which has been administered by injecting into muscles or directly into the joints for many years.
Hyaluronic acid – Also made up of molecules of glucosamine and like glycosaminoglycan is routinely injected into arthritic joints.
Chondroitin – Formed from chains of glycosaminoglycan, which in turn is composed of glucosamine molecules.
MSM – An extract from pine trees which has a high sulphur content. All cells require sulphur to function correctly. One of its roles is to increase the permeability of cells to allow nutrients to enter and allow waste products to leave. This prevents the build up of pressure within the cell, which would otherwise lead to inflammation and pain.

The main problem with some of these joint protecting agents is that when they are given orally they are poorly absorbed from the digestive system and much is broken down in the liver.

Solution? The larger amount of Aloe Vera you add, the more the agent is able to reach the joints.


Forever Freedom is an ideal product for animals at risk from or who are already suffering arthritis.

Forever Active HA Hyaluronic Acid capsules. An injectable form of this preparation has been available for many years. It is probable that increased activity and benefits will be achieved if the capsules are taken with Aloe Vera Gel. The dog will probably be the most common species where owners will wish to try this new product. A medium size dog is likely to require
one capsule twice daily.

Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 capsules. Contain both fish and olive oils providing the Omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid and docohexaenoic acid. As well as helping with problems associated with the cardiovascular system they also help the composition of synovial fluid and reduce inflammation. Medium sized dogs would require one capsule twice daily with meals.