A Common Discomfort … Stomach Gas


It starts with numbness, we fell some stomach and abdomen discomfort and the need to expel gas… Yes, this is it, Stomach Gas!

Where does it come from?

It is mainly formed because of air swallowed when eating but it might also be caused by bacteria which induced putrefaction of undigested food. Another cause might be the chemical reactions produced by food in the stomach and intestines.

How can you fix your stomach gas issue?

• By knowing yourself and accept to do some sacrifices (especially if your are a sugar addict like me).

Refined sugars are part of the common products that cause a lot of gas. When not assimilated, they quickly ferment and produce gas. The other culprits are refined flour, fried dishes, some vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini and broccoli (when combined with other foods) and some grains like beans.

Milk and dairy products may also cause gas and indigestion in many people who do not produced lactase; an enzyme which is necessary in the absorption of these products.

The last but not the least, fruits such as apples produce gas in some people when combined with other foods. Also, the combination of different types of fruits is what causes gas. It is therefore suggest to eat a fruit alone, half and hour before any other food…

• Take a walk or exercise a little after meals to aid digestion
• Drink herb tea (in place of water if possible)
• Drink Aloe Vera Gel (if you use the leaf, make sure to protect it from the light not to loose its benefits). 2 ounces before meals will help your digestion)
• Garlic with thyme (I admit eating fresh garlic is not the most attractive thing I would like to do), so consider garlic-thyme capsules which are easier to swallow!
Note that taking garlic prevents the blockage of gastric, pancreatic and intestinal juices, which are responsible for digesting the nutrients, by nerves or stress. Additionally, it helps promote a relaxed and toned digestive system (cf. ‘El Ajo’ (Garlic), by Jose L. Lopez, Pub EDAF or ‘Garlic, The miracle Herb’, by Judy Lin Efteckhar, Globe Comm. Corp).